Experienced public company 

CEO, Corporate board member, 

Expert Witness Testimony

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Digital innovation and strong corporate governance have collided. 

Boardrooms are tasked with re-thinking the board member profile and committee structure in light of innovation and emerging transitional risks. 

I've spent the better part of three years immersed in blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud and digital disruption initiatives. This time, combined with experience as an operator, and now board member, has afforded me the ability to be a digital technology translator for the boardroom. I understand these new technologies but I also appreciate the challenges faced by management with regard to legacy systems and processes. Being up to date and educated on these initiatives allow for thought provoking and robust discussions in the boardroom and with management.

Enjoy my thoughts on these topics!

putting digital transformation on the board agenda


Tone at the Top: Boards Look to Harness  Blockchain Disruption.


Why management and boards need to consider blockchain in overall digital strategy.

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Risk & Opportunity a Board Primer on Blockchain

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Four-part blockchain information series

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Facing up to the financial technology challenge

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Blockchain and its place in the new digital world

NACD Northern California Chapter and PwC recently partnered to present a blockchain webcast - " What boards need to know about blockchain".

Presenters:  Christa Steele and Manoj Kashyap

Where to start with digital education in the boardroom? You don't have to work for Google to be digi

Digital education in the boardroom. You don't have to work for Google to be digitally informed.

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Being industry agnostic can have its advantages in the boardroom.

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The retail industry requires a pivot that begins in the boardroom

The retail industry requires a pivot that begins in the boardroom.

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Are boardrooms making the mistake with board refreshment being too narrowly focused?

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The best part of my professional journey is now.

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I'm not your average bank CEO.

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2019 scheduled Speaking Engagements


Panel Moderator – FIG Partners annual CEO conference Scottsdale, AZ; 

Panel Participant - University of Southern California Women’s Leadership Forum, Los Angeles, CA; 

Keynote Speaker and Panel Participant – Institute of Internal Auditors, Gaylord Convention Center, Dallas, TX; 

Keynote Speaker – Audit Executive Center’s Power Breakfast – Dallas, TX; 

Webinar & Live Audience Keynote Speaker – PwC & National Association Corporate Directors – Menlo Park, CA;

Panel Participant - Women Corporate Directors  - Silicon Valley, CA.

Keynote Speaker - IIA Financial Services Exchange - Washington, DC.

Keynote Speaker - Women in Internal Audit Leadership Conference - Washington, DC.


NACD Global Leadership Conference

Washington DC 2018


Christa Steele became the youngest CEO in the United States to lead a $3.5 Billion asset size bank located in the San Francisco Bay Area of CA. Her career spans close to 25 years that began as a bank teller while attending college. 

As a former public company CEO with $500 million in market cap, Christa led improved core earnings 43% in a single calendar year, doubled the banks value in less than two years, and successfully led the banks sale for a premium in 2015. 

Christa was honored by the San Francisco Business Times as most influential leader in Bay Area business and recognized by Crowe Horwath for driving significant financial performance improvement.

For the better part of three years, her time has been spent on a variety of digital technology initiatives in and outside of financial services and serving as an advisor/board member to the c-suite and boardroom. She is a well-known speaker and thought leader of blockchain technology, digital disruption, and how blockchain, artificial intelligence, big data, and the use of predictive analytics must be considered when evaluating a company’s overall digital and corporate strategy. 

Christa has successfully transitioned out of the operating role of CEO to board director.

Christa's expertise leading a complex, highly scrutinized and regulated company provides a desirable and diverse skill-set transferable across multiple industry verticals. 

In addition to being a qualified financial and audit expert per NASDAQ, NYSE and PCAOB corporate governance requirements, she has an in-depth understanding of how to manage market growth, expansion, divestiture, recession, corporate litigation, shareholder lawsuit, legacy ownership, conflict resolution, and human capital. 

Specific expertise in these areas include: 

Investment banking, Capital markets, Merger & Acquisition;

Asset and Liability balance sheet management;

Institutional Investor relations; 

Wealth management, Pension plans;

Equipment and Equipment Leasing;

Real Estate, Real Estate Construction, Land, Title; 

IT Contract negotiations; 

Qualified and Non-Qualified executive compensation plans; 

Digital innovation and systems integration; 

Self-insurance, reinsurance and off-shore insurance programs; 

Pension plans and actuarial analysis.


National Association of Corporate Directors – Board Leadership Fellow;

Masters of Business Administration – University of Southern California;

Bachelor of Arts – California State University Sacramento;

Pacific Coast Banking School – University of Washington honor roll graduate;

Commercial Lending School - California Banker


Operating background


From teller to CEO, recognized as youngest female CEO in the U.S. to lead a financial institution the size of Mechanics Bank;


Honored by San Francisco Business Times as Most Influential Leader in Bay Area Business; 

Recognized by Crowe Horwath for leading top financial performance improvement.

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315 Montgomery Street Suite 900, San Francisco, California 94104, United States


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