Christa Steele

Experienced CEO, Public and 

Private Company Board Director



Digital innovation and strong corporate governance have collided. 

Boardrooms are tasked with re-thinking the board member profile and committee structure in light of innovation and emerging transitional risks. 

In addition to my current board service,  I've spent the better part of three years immersed in blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud and digital disruption initiatives. When I say immersed, I truly mean immersed. I haven't just attended conferences and read books. 

I've rolled up my sleeves and gotten involved! 

This time in my life has forever changed how I think and how I problem solve for a pain point.

I understand these new technologies but I also appreciate the challenges faced by management with regard to legacy systems and processes. Being up to date and educated on these initiatives allow for thought provoking and robust discussions in the boardroom and with management.

Enjoy my thoughts on these topics!

Wall Street Journal Interview


Corporate Boards Face Challenges in Overseeing AI 

"AI innovation requires the board to understand what to do to surveil risk inside the company." - Christa Steele

Private Company Director Magazine 2019 North America "Directors to Watch"


"There is no industry immune to disruption. Boardrooms and the C-suite  must assimilate to change and disrupt themselves before becoming  disrupted. This requires a pivot in mindset, away from just looking back  over the last 90 days, to looking ahead and around the corner. Only  then will you be able to establish the right KPIs and KRIs for your  boardroom." - Christa Steele


Christa Steele is an experienced CEO, Board Member, Advisor and well-known speaker and thought leader of Digital Disruption and Corporate Governance in the new digital age.  


Board Experience

Steele serves as a board member of public, private, ESOP and family-owned companies across varying industry verticals. 


Board service has included six public and private company boards - including serving as Chair of Audit and Compensation committees to the financial services, insurance, wealth management, investment banking, transportation, equipment leasing, waste collection, food and agricultural industries.  

Steele  currently serves on the Board of Directors of Recology, OFG Bancorp and  Tanimura & Antle. She also serves on the non-profit board of  directors for the NACD Northern California Chapter, CA and Pacific Coast  Banking School, WA.  


Nationally Recognized Speaker & Thought Leader 

In addition to board service, Steele is an adjunct faculty member for the National Association of Corporate Directors Board Advisory Services Practice Group, and an authority figure on blockchain, artificial intelligence, the IoT, and digital disruption to the boardroom. She is a nationally recognized speaker for the National Association of Corporate Directors, Women Corporate Directors, Directors Forum, and Institute of Internal Auditors. Most recent speaking engagements include The Wallstreet Journal Artificial Intelligence Pro Conference, Consumer Electronics Show – Future of Money, NACD Summit, and PWC and NACD Blockchain Webinar.  


She has published several industry related articles and is often a sought-after expert for publications such as the Wallstreet Journal, Institute of Internal Auditors, and Bank Director. 


Partner and Operating Background 

Until recently, Steele was a partner and board member of FIG Partners, a highly successful investment bank focused on M&A, Capital Markets, Fixed Income Asset Management, and IPO’s with ten locations across the United States. In April 2019, FIG Partners was acquired by Janney Montgomery Scott.  


Prior to board directorship, Steele spent two decades in the financial services industry serving retail, wealth management and commercial clientele. Most notably, during her tenure, she became the youngest CEO in the U.S. to lead a $3.5 Billion asset size bank located in the San Francisco Bay Area of CA. As former CEO of a company with $500 million in market cap, Steele led improved core earnings 43% in a single calendar year, doubled the banks’ value in less than two years, and successfully led its sale for a premium in 2015.  


Expertise & Recognition

With an aptitude to understand any business enterprise working capital and business life cycle, Steele leverages her business acumen to add valuable perspective to the boardroom. She possesses extensive prior experience analyzing, underwriting, structuring credit and managing the treasury needs of complex domestic and international businesses. These insights, combined with C-Suite operating experience and digital expertise, bode well when solving for a complex pain point. 


Steele was recognized by Private Company Director Magazine in October 2019 as a North America 2019 "Director to Watch" and received previous recognition by the San Francisco Business Times as "Most Influential Leader in Bay Area Business" and by Crowe Horwath for driving significant financial performance improvement.  


Steele qualifies as a financial expert, is a Board Leadership Fellow with the National Association of Corporate Directors, holds an MBA from University of Southern CA (USC) and an undergraduate degree from California State University Sacramento (CSUS). 


Christa Steele Board Bio

Christa Steele Board Bio (pdf)


Steele Blog

Nationally Recognized Speaker

NACD Board Advisory Services Adjunct Faculty Member | Keynote | Expert Panelist | Panel Moderator

  • Thinking through disruption and mitigation planning;
  • Where to begin when developing a digital strategy and developing a digital roadmap;
  • Strategic planning in the new digital age;
  • Blockchain education;
  • Next generation of board talent, assessing boardroom composition;
  • Strengthening communication and transparency between the Board and C-Suite;
  • Conflict resolution and decision deadlock;
  • Understanding   and identifying new and emerging "transitional" enterprise risks and  determining what elevates to committee and board level reporting;
  • The  increasingly blurred lines of audit and risk oversight. Developing a  plan for not just looking back, but looking down  the road and around  the corner. Determining when to segregate oversight  and what to  oversee;
  • Understanding the balance sheet and business working capital cycle from a board director perspective...what you need to know;
  • Legacy ownership and transition planning;
  • Liquidity,   capital planning, market expansion, market retraction, expense   reduction - what boards need to know and ask of management;
  • Merger & Acquisitions and Exit planning.


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Digital Transformation on the Board Agenda

Blockchain and its place in the new digital world

NACD Northern California Chapter and PwC recently partnered to present a blockchain webcast - " What boards need to know about blockchain".

Presenters:  Christa Steele and Manoj Kashyap

Tone at the Top: Boards Look to Harness  Blockchain Disruption.

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The future is now

Trying to figure out why all of this innovation is a big deal for boardrooms? Watch this video!

Where multiple industries such as: Wearable, autonomous vehicle, identity blockchain, bank, retail, airline, chatbot, predictive analytics, and social media all working together to conduct a sale transaction without any human interaction!

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